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Final Expense

Life Insurance for Seniors – Final Expense

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Seniors are a growing and increasingly important segment of society.  Businesses and companies are becoming more aware of the burgeoning seniors market.  As Agents, we should be focusing more of their marketing efforts increasingly on this lucrative demographic.  It used to be that insurance companies refused coverage for the elderly.  Today, laws are different.  Many states require life insurance companies to proved guaranteed coverage to those over the age of 63.  Policies are generally short term, and only pay a limited death benefit for the first two years.  After two years, the full price of the insurance is payable to your beneficiary at the time of your death.  Before two years, most policies will pay the total of your monthly payments plus interest – this form of life insurance is called deferred life.

Life insurance for seniors is available for as little as $15 a month.  Usually, these inexpensive policies offer a low death benefit, but for some, every penny counts.  Typical deferred life insurance policies offer as little as $5,000 coverage and go up to $100,000.  Regardless, even a small life insurance policy is better than nothing at all.  Guaranteed life insurance does not always require a health exam, which makes it available to many additional patients.

Many of our services are focused on Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Retirement Insurance and our network mostly consists of providers for such security services. However, in our effort to serve the changing needs of our clientele, we have entered into IMO/MGA affiliations with three of the most highly recognized players in the distribution system for Final Expense plans:

  • Foresters, Final Expense
  • Columbia Mutual, Final Expense
  • Security Mutual Life, Final Expense
  • Lincoln Benefit Life
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To know more about Final Expense and the options you have with insurance contracts at American Capital Health, please call 917-504-4262.